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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/2/13

GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR. I'm sure Fred Hoiberg, Tyrus McGee, and Will Clyburn would rather be there in the tournament, but they'll all be in Atlanta this weekend.

TYRUS BETTER THAN FRED? Coach Hoiberg says that Tyrus McGee has a much better mindset than himself for a 3 point shooting competition.

NIANG IS SPECIAL. Georges' 64:53 assist to turnover ratio was impressive for a forward in the Big 12... in fact, it was the best.

GREEN BUT SPEEDY. The Cyclones 2013 front seven will be very young, but shows a lot of potential.

ONE NIGHT IN DUNK CITY. Spencer Hall spent a night chilling with FGCU folk.

RAISE CITY. Andy Enfield will be getting 10 times the amount he was getting at FGCU to head up USC. Also of note: USC "lobbed out a call to Fred Hoiberg."

PAY FOR PLAY COMING? USC AD Pat Haden warns that schools need to take the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit more seriously, and paying college athletes could be coming sooner rather than later.

WAS IT REALLY A JOKE THOUGH? With officiating as bad as it's ever been, was joking about giving Arizona's Sean Miller a technical that unbelievable as a real thing?

DICKY V AND JAY BILAS HATE STEVE ALFORD. The ESPN personalities blast the hypocrisy in coaching contracts.

OH, PITT. Best running back decides to transfer from the school? Ouch. Recruit trolls the school on a commitment on April Fools? Double ouch.

WHAT DO YOU PAY FOR SPORTS? Figuring out your cable/satellite bill.

TIM DONAGHY IS ALIVE AND WELL! Is the NBA still rigging games so the Lakers get into the playoffs? One fan thinks so.

WHAT IN THE HELL WHITE SOX. This intro video is beyond horrible.