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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/23/13

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CY'S HOUSE OF TRIVIA SKITS. All the skits from CHOT are out, and it's a close race between the Deon/Jacques pong game (extra props to Ernst's eating) and Johnny Orr's Cheers knockoff for best skit.

MELVIN IS AWESOME. Chalk up another academic honor for Melvin Ejim as he becomes a member of ISU's Cardinal Key club.

OVERCOMING ADVERSITY. Jake Knott is back at full strength, trying to make his NFL dreams come true.

MARQUETTE JUMPS IN ON NICK NOSKOWIAK. Marquette is jumping into the fray on the Cyclone offer, but Iowa State being the first major program to offer is still important to Nick.

COOL ON THE BEAM. How Iowa State's Michelle Shealy maintains her focus while on the most nerve wracking of the gymnastics disciplines.

MORE BOWLS CLOSER TO HOME? Iowa State's giant turnout in Memphis has Bob Bowlsby considering more agreements with drivable bowl games.

COACHES WANT LESS SHOT CLOCK. Coaches around the country seem to be in agreement for a shorter shot clock. Fred Hoiberg wasn't interviewed because he's already ahead of the game on this.

ANGEL OUT. KSU PG Angel Rodriguez is transferring closer to his family. It seems likely he's destined to go to South Carolina to be yelled at by Frank Martin again. Jason King on how this further damages the Big 12 in 2013-2014.

REALIGNMENT IS OVER-ISH! The ACC agreed to a grant of rights, meaning major conference realignment is probably over, so Jason Kirk looks at the 25 best/weirdest moments.

FLUKER TOOK MONEY? Alabama's D.J. Fluker tweeted he took money from agents, then claimed he was hacked.

SOCCER! A Kenyan referee says a coach grabbed and squeezed his testicles, making a Paul Rhoads freakout seem tame.

AUBURN DENIES IT ALL. The University released a statement that an independent probe revealed nothing on the Roopstigo investigation.

IOWA WILD, OFFICIALLY. Jerseys and logo were revealed for the new AHL franchise, and Bryce Miller writes that ownership will make this AHL go around different than the Chops and Stars.

NAKED MAN CAUGHT! 16 "naked incidents" later, the perp was finally caught walking down a road in the nude, slapping his buttocks." OK then.