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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/25/13

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JACK TRICE'S JERSEY NUMBER. You can go to CF to see the arguing, or you can just read this article to figure out what number Jack Trice wore.

LEONARD'S AN INSPIRATION. Leonard Johnson's 2012 success story is inspiring Klein, Knott, and McDonough.

"ALL HE NEEDS IS A CHANCE." says Paul Rhoads on Jake Knott and his future in the NFL.

DOES GOODMAN KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T? Kerwin Okoro is listed on Jeff Goodman's list of all college basketball transfers.

BOLTE TAKES ANKENY JOB. With the split in high schools, Ankeny needs another girls basketball coach, and they've hired former ISU star Kelsey Bolte.

THE FIRST RG3. A look at Reggie Collier, the dual threat QB that should have revolutionized the NFL three decades ago.

CFB PLAYOFF SELECTION. How would the new playoff selection process have worked in 2012?

PLEASE NOT KANSAS. Andrew Wiggins is down to four schools.

DEFINING SEASON FOR TCU. After a mediocre start to life in the Big 12, TCU is looking to rebound.