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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/29/13

TWO DRAFTED, MORE FA DEALS. A.J. Klein was predictably drafted, but I doubt many would have guessed the second ISU player would have been Carter Bykowski.

JAKE WILL MAKE YOU PAY. Chris Williams writes that anybody who passed up Jake Knott will regret it.

MALCHOW LIKES BYKOWSKI. I'm personally of the thought that priority FAs are almost better off than being drafted in the seventh round, but Steve Malchow touts the praises of Carter Bykowski getting drafted.

JACK TRICE HIGH SCHOOL PICS. Joshua Kagavi, the author of the "Jack Trice's number" piece, comes through with some HS football photos of the Cyclone legend.

EMMERT THINKS OUR VIOLATIONS ARE STUPID. Well, not exactly, but he thinks the idea of having to log everything is crazy.

THIRD FASTEST EVER. Betsy Saina ran the third fastest time ever run by a college runner in the 10,000-meter.

NEW OREGON UNIS? NO WAY! Oregon has some new uniforms to support the troops, and they're beautiful.

MEANWHILE... These Chewbacca uniforms will seriously be worn by the Toledo Mud Hens.

WRAPPING UP THE BIG 12'S DRAFT. David Ubben goes through all the Big 12 players selected.

TEBOW CUT. God has to be heartbroken about this news.

TYLER WILSON FINDS OUT HE GOT DRAFTED. While at a Wal-Mart, seriously.

SEC DOMINATION. Why the SEC dominated the 2013 NFL Draft.