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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/3/13

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PROFITABLE BOWL TRIP. Not the huge payday that New York or Tempe brought the athletic department, but the Liberty Bowl was also a financial success.

PROBATION. Iowa State is recommending the NCAA place the athletic department on probation for two years. Considering Baylor got a pretty minor penalty for 10 times the amount of calls, this is probably a non-issue.

SPRING PRACTICE 5. Video is up at

ANYBODY WANT TO TRY OUT FOR TIGHT END? Paul Rhoads talks about the TE group and how three of the four are injured right now.

POPPENS AND CHRISTOFFERSON ALL-AMERICA. Both of the Iowa State forwards were named honorable mention AP All-Americans.

AWN AWARDS FOR GADSON AND MORENO. Kyven and Michael both took home Amateur Wrestling News awards.

LAZARD REALLY HATES IOWA. It's great for Iowa that they're doing well and we'd be excited about an NIT run too, but you should be legally allowed to punch Hawk fans who troll you about how they're still playing and the Cyclones aren't.

DESHAUN THOMAS, YOU'RE ALRIGHT. The chin pubes are still a bit unsettling, but Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas writes a classy letter to OSU's school newspaper that other athletes need recognition too.

MARK EMMERT SUCKS. USA Today looks at a history of the NCAA president escaping blame whenever scandal hits.

SPENCER HALL YOU TERRIFIC BASTARD. EA Sports presents NCAA Football '31 (1931!), where everyone has syphilis.

MIKE RICE IS AN ASSHOLE. Rutgers basketball, where repeatedly abusing players verbally and physically only results in a 3 game suspension!

SO IS STEVE ALFORD. Deadspin goes to town on what a dick Steve Alford is.