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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/30/13

Not one, but two soccer links today. It truly is the offseason.

SUMMER READING. The offseason is long, so Football Study Hall has some book suggestions to pass the time.

JASON COLLINS. In case you missed it, the first active player in any major sport came out yesterday, and it means a lot to one man. Meanwhile, Chris Broussard isn't a big fan of Collins' lifestyle.

NOT QUITE SUCKFORLUCK. Checking out the possible catchphrases for tanking to draft Jadeveon Clowney.

IF HE GOES #1 AT ALL. Here's a super early 2014 mock draft, and Jadeveon isn't the first pick.

WHO'S REPLACING THESE GUYS? Who's replacing the top 50 picks in the draft?

SLIVE WANTS EXPERTS. SEC commish Mike Slive wants whoever is picking the new playoff teams to have "football expertise."

KINGS ARE STAYING HOME. The NBA played the city of Sacramento into a new building, and in turn, disappointing Seattle once again.

WORST MISS EVER? A foot away, open net, no goal.

REF BANNED FOR LIFE. In Soviet Russia, ref assaults you!

JASON KING'S TOP 25. Oklahoma State is the top ranked Big 12 team at #10, while Iowa makes an appearance at 25.

HOW DID HE GET SO GOOD? Mark Titus looks at how some college players wildly exceeded his expectations in the NBA, while others disappointed.