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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/4/13

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DIDN'T TELL THE BOSS. Iowa State athletics didn't notify the Board of Regents of the violations until this week, 18 month after they were self reported.

COULD ISU'S VIOLATIONS BE MAJOR? Bylaw Blog says that Iowa State's seemingly minor violations may be worse than we thought.

HOIBERG'S TEAM. The West team will feature Pierre Jackson, Will Clyburn, and some guy named Jack Cooley, who has never lost to Iowa State and certainly never compared the Cyclones to DePaul.

A SAD AUBURN STORY. Selena Roberts publishes a tale of Auburn's football program, which includes lots of grade altering and paying players under Gene Chizik

DENIAL FROM PLAYERS. Some of the players who talked about what happened at Auburn are now denying the reports.

BLIND RESUMES FOR 2013. Barking Carnival posts on how the Big 12 is shaping up if we look at them with blind resumes.

AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE. The old Big East will take on the super boring name of the American Athletic Conference.

PLAYING WITH PAIN. An incredible story of how North Carolina Central's Ray King is playing basketball with cancer.

THE ANTI-LEBRON. Andrew Wiggins gets an incredible amount of publicity, but he doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

NO MORE PINK LOCKER ROOMS? You know it's the offseason when Iowa's pink locker room for visitors is getting scrutiny for being homophobic and sexist.

THE SWEAR WORD BRACKET. Deadspin's tourney is down to the Elite Eight!