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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/8/13

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SCRIMMAGE UPDATE. Courtney Messingham updates us on all things offense.

ALL ABOUT THE PISTOL. Jeff Woody explains the Cyclones' new pistol offense.

JEREMIAH IS NOW THE OLD GUY. He was the inexperienced guy next to Klein and Knott, but now he's the old guard among the linebackers.

SAM RICHARDSON IS HAPPY. The second year QB is pleased with the progress the offense is showing.

BLAZING SPEED. Aaron Wimberly impressed his new teammates with his speed at Saturday's scrimmage.

CLYBURN GETS A GIANT REESE'S BAR. That's the MVP award at the Reese's College All-Star game. Meanwhile, he's also been invited to the Portsmouth Invitational.

MATT THOMAS TAKES THIRD. The future Cyclone finished third in the American Family Insurance High School 3-Point Championship.

A DOWN YEAR? Many doubters think the men's basketball team will take a step backwards in 2013-14, but Melvin Ejim and Georges Niang say that's a bad bet to take.

TRANSFER RULE FAQ. An FAQ on why players can't just transfer wherever they want.

STICK TO MASCOTING, BRUTUS. The Buckeye mascot was demolished in Ohio State practice.

THE OTHER PROBLEM WITH THAT AUBURN STORY. Spencer Hall doesn't like the assumption that people who go to church are considered morally superior.

WRASSLIN IS REAL. A wrestling writer defends why his sport is great.