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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/9/13

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ONE SHINING MOMENT. Predictably, Aaron Craft's shot over Georges Niang and the ensuing Booker tears made the cut.

DUMB SHINING MOMENT. To add to the pain of seeing Aaron Craft again, Melvin Ejim's rim rejection makes Dumb Shining Moment.

EJIM THIRD TEAM ALL INTERNATIONAL! The Nigerian-Canadian Nightmare makes something called the NetScouts All-International Third Team.

REBUILDING THE D. The front seven is being rebuilt this year, with a lot of hard work.

WALLY ON D. Wally Burnham talks about the progress of the defense so far this spring.

BLEIL ADJUSTING. Bill Bleil is getting used to his new position as Cyclone tight ends coach, and the TEs on the roster seem to like him.

SHERRILL WOULD BE PLEASED. The new run game during spring scrimmage should have people like Jackie Sherrill pleased.

LENNAY KEKUA WINS! ESPN's tournament bracket challenge winner is Lennay Kekua.

MONTREZL HARRELL, EVERYONE. An alley oop that even FGCU would be proud of.

KEVIN WARE CUTS DOWN THE NETS. A cool moment for Ware as he gets to cut the nets down. I was disappointed, however, that the "official NCAA ladder" couldn't raise him up to the net and the basket had to be lowered.

BEILEIN SCREWS UP? Maybe he's covering for his players on the fouls to give issue, but John Beilein addresses the coaching mistake after the game.

RUSS SMITH GOING PRO. Perhaps he doesn't realize that he was pretty much the feces-covered, homeless man's version of Russell Westbrook last night, but Russ Smith is skipping his senior season at Louisville for the NBA.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT YESTERDAY. JuraSEC Park, possibly the greatest thing ever published on EDSBS (and that's saying a lot).

BASEBALL WANTS ATTENTION TOO! The absolutely horrific officiating led by Cyclone fan favorite John "Hollywood" Higgins last night was spectacular, but baseball wanted some press too. This is the worst strike I've seen in a while (and it ended the game).