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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/1/13

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MOVING ON UP. Iowa State promoted Micah Byars to replace the outgoing Jeff Rutter as director of basketball operations.

LOST ONE. Iowa State target Nick Noskowiak committed to Marquette yesterday.

BREAKING FAMILY TIES. Ezra Reiners, the son of former Iowa QB Randy Reiners, is off to walk on for Paul Rhoads, and his dad is reacting by shopping for ISU clothing.

POSITIONS OF STRENGTH. Chris Williams previews the two spots on the Cyclone roster that look good going into the fall.

FOURTH STRAIGHT NCAA REGIONALS. The ISU women's golf team is off to the NCAA regionals for the fourth straight year.

MIKE RICE WOULD BE PROUD. The accusations against UW-Green Bay coach Brian Wardle are out, and they don't sound good.

A FOOTBALL FAMILY. After Desmond was drafted this year, the three Trufant brothers are all in the NFL.

GENO MAD. After falling to the second round, Geno Smith fired his agents.

LOADS OF SEXCESS. The secret to the Chicago Blackhawks' season was revealed by a CSN reporter last night.

GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Bear Grylls' producer was bitten by a snake.

COOKIE RANKINGS. Deadspin is ranking all the cookies. I'm partial to Monster cookies with horse parts myself.