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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/10/13

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EJIM CHAIRS SPECIAL OLYMPICS. Melvin will be the honorary chair for the Iowa Special Olympics, following in Craig Brackins' footsteps.

DOC BACK TO THE BIG 12? Rumors swirling that Doc Sadler to Iowa State may be a done deal already.

INSTANT REPLAY AND BLOCK CHARGE REFORM! College basketball will use instant replay for the last 2 minutes. This does not apply to block-charge calls, but the rule has been amended so that the defensive player cannot move into the space once the offensive player has started his upward motion with the ball. Aaron Craft is so boned.

THE TRANSFER U. Miami is taking so many transfers, they're almost Iowa State-y.

SUPERCONFERENCE RANKING. Ranking the SEC and Big 12 from 1 to 24.

INTERNET PSYCHIC REFERENCE WITHIN! The lady who flipped off Joakim Noah is a murderer according to an internet psychic, among other things.

MORE FIELD DESIGNS! Because why should Wyoming have all the fun?

DELANY MIGHT TESTIFY? After saying he might move the Big Ten to D3 to avoid paying athletes, he might now have to testify in the Ed O'Bannon case.

WES LUNT TRANSFERRING. The guy who won the starting QB job at Oklahoma State as a freshman is now leaving the school.

MED SCHOOL PLASTIC SURGEON? GO NEVADA! The highest paid state employee of every state is usually a football or basketball coach.

CHARLES BARKLEY STILL HATES SKIP BAYLESS. Sir Charles is just saying what most of America wants to say.

SNOOP WAS A PIMP. Not just in lyrics, but he was actually selling women to pro athletes.

GROSS. One St. Louis Blues fan is growing a different type of playoff beard.