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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/13/13

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NOT SATISFIED. Paul Rhoads is happy with the progress his program is making, but it's not enough.

THE NEXT A.J. KLEIN? Sam Seonbuncher committed to the Cyclones this weekend, and wants to carry on the Wisconsin linebacker tradition.

RECRUITING PROJECTION. CW looks at the current roster and projects how many of each position group the Cyclones will look at in 2014.

LUCIOUS GRADUATED. A degree means a lot to Korie, one of many Cyclones to graduate over the weekend.

DEDICATED CHANNEL COMING? The dedicated cable channel for Cyclones.TV may be very close.

RECRUITING PITCHES. What each Big 12 school can sell and is missing on the recruiting trail. It seems like the Cyclones might have their need taken care of with Allen Lazard though.

BEST BIG 12 PLAYERS EVER. Number 6 is Adrian Peterson, which may be a bit low in my book, but Ubben blames injuries, so I guess it's kinda Iowa State's fault!

MOM DAY. The College Football Moms of the Year.

THE SEC STREAK. Looking at all the times the SEC's title streak could have ended, but didn't.

RUTGERS DOESN'T DO THEIR HOMEWORK. You'd think you could check your own registrar's office before putting out a bad bio on new coach Eddie Jordan.

TITUS ARRESTED AGAIN. For the third time in a week, Titus Young was arrested.

WHAT HAPPENS TO RETIRED NFL PLAYERS? The Washington Post has found many of them without insurance, with the NFL fighting them on medical bills.