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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/14/13

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CYCLONE FEUD DAY ONE. The annual coaches' version of Family Feud started yesterday.

OKORO TO RUTGERS. The venerable bench dancer is off to get his blowout on and could get an exemption to play right away.

ANOTHER MN RECRUIT. Travis Hines catches up with Alex Illikainen, another 2015 target from Minnesota.

GREATEST BIG 12 PLAYERS EVER. The countdown moves on with number five Colt McCoy and number four Sam Bradford.

MONEY MONEY MONEY. Big 12 schools are expecting about 22-25 million per school in conference revenue payout.

SO CYCLONEY. The Toronto Maple Leafs were up 3 in the third period of game seven against the Boston Bruins, and decided to blow the game in epic fashion. NESN was all about showing sad Canadians.

BEST LOSING TEAMS. Five teams who lost their championship with honor.

STOOPS BE HATING UNJUSTLY? Bob Stoops hates the BCS now, but has benefited from it plenty.

GINORMOUS STADIUM ALERT. The Vikings have announced plans for their almost billion dollar stadium.

RUSSIAN KID BRAWL. Hockey fights, the juvenile version.