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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/16/13

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OH BABY, HE LOVES UNI. Chris Williams sits down with Gary Rima to discuss the UNI Panthers.

GENE SMITH TALKING ISU. The Ohio State AD talks about his time at Iowa State and the different expectations that come from school to school.

PLAYING ILLINOIS? Should we swap Toledo for Illinois on the 2014 schedule?

BACK TO KU. CW is changing his Big 12 predicted champ to KU after the Andrew Wiggins signing.

SO, VINCE IS DEFINITELY #1, RIGHT? Ubben's list of the Top 10 Big 12 players ever hits #3 Ndamukong Suh and #2 Ricky Williams.

#SCREENSHOTTINGPROBLEMS. When you're taking a screenshot to demand your fifth star on your Rivals' rating, make sure you have the porn windows closed.

CAN MONEY BUY HAPPINESS? The cost of joining the Big 12 for West Virginia.

I'M THE STRAIGHT ONE. Jarron Collins got this shirt to save time.

BLACKFACE IS COOL IN TURKEY? Galatasaray is protesting the racial abuse of one of their players by all going out in blackface.

SO THIS HAPPENED IN DES MOINES... I think the major question from this incident is.. cars can go 50 in reverse?

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MIKE VI. The Q&A about LSU's live (and totally awesome) mascot.