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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/2/13

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TALKING WITH ABDELMASSIH. Chris Williams sits down with ISU assistant Matt Abdelmassih to talk about a variety of topics, including Royce White.

A VICTIM OF HIS OWN METHODS. Fred Hoiberg is finding those transfers harder to come by, since everyone else is stealing his methods.

STARTING FROM SCRATCH. Iowa State football players are finding their NFL transition much the same as when they arrived on campus.

SPRING WRAPUP. David Ubben sums up the Cyclones' spring, and ranks them #9 in the Big 12 still.

NINE GAME CONFERENCE SCHEDULES SHOULD BE THE NORM. Ubben tells all the other conferences' fans complaining about nine conference games to quit bitching.

ALL BIG 12. Scott Fernandez was named first team All-Big 12 golfer.

FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE WEEK. Fresh off her great performance, Betsy Saina was named Big 12 female athlete of the week.

NOT QUITE THE MONEYMAKER YOU THOUGHT. While college football is still big business, overall, only 23 of 228 public D1 schools generated enough money to pay for athletics.

MEMOIRS FROM THE FUTURE. Tim Tebow's CFL memoir is a must read.

WORSE THAN THE WAVE. The 13 things worse than the wave at sporting events.

STATE OF THE SPREAD. Examining the spread with Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

NO MORE HASHTAGS. The NCAA banned hashtags on the field.

GENO UPDATE. Geno Smith's agents are firing back about their firing(s).

SNAKEBITE UPDATE. After surgery, the foot is still disgusting.

"THAT MOTHERFUCKER FUCKED YOUR WIFE." The NBA, where trash talking between a benchwarmer and Carmelo Anthony happens.