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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/20/13

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WRECK IT RALPH! Movie night at Jack Trice was a pretty big hit.

LAZARD VISITING ND. He still seems pretty sure about Iowa State, but Allen Lazard is taking a visit to South Bend.

AND THAT'S THEIR RIGHT. Chad Leistikow writes that recruits definitely have the right to keep their options open.

FERNANDEZ 13TH. Scott Fernandez's season is over with a 13th place finish at the Columbus regional, but his season stroke average bested Nate McCoy's 2012 campaign.

NEW MAN IN CHARGE. With Tom Kroeschell's move to Cyclones.TV, Mike Green was named the new Director of Athletics Communications.

WES LUNT LIMITED. Mike Gundy has put 37 schools on the list of schools that Wes Lunt can't transfer to.

TEXAS IS OUR SUPER BOWL? Looks like Texas, not Iowa, was the choice of ISU fans as the most important game of the season in 2013.

GREATEST BIG 12 PLAYER EVER. It was always going to be Vince Young, wasn't it?

NON TEXAS/OU TOP 10. Ubben's mailbag covers the greatest non Longhorns/Sooners, and Troy Davis is at #5.

THE REAL SATAN. Since Nick Saban claims he isn't the devil, who is?

WWE AT THE BILLBOARD AWARDS. Miguel went full Hulk Hogan and leg dropped some women last night.

EA HATES WIIU. Most of us probably already knew this, but if you're a sports gamer, the WiiU is useless.

CHARLOTTE WANTS THE HORNETS NAME. With New Orleans taking on the Pelicans name, the Bobcats want to buy back the Hornets name.

THIS IS BAD, EVEN IF IT WERE LITTLE LEAGUE. Astros lose game on ridiculously terrible fielding. It might happen multiple times this season.