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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/21/13

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HISTORICAL HIGH. This year's seventh place finish was the best finish Iowa State has ever had for overall athletic performance since the Big 12 was founded.

TALKING WITH JOHN WALTERS. Chris Williams catches up with John Walters on a variety of topics.

ANOTHER SIGNING PERIOD? Paul Rhoads, among other coaches, would like an early signing period for guys who committed early.

LAZARD STAYS TOP 25. Allen Lazard dropped a spot but is maintaining his hold as Rivals' #1 WR in the nation.

BACK ON THE ROAD. The Cyclone Tailgate Tour continues with stops in Omaha and Carroll today.

MONTE MORRIS PARADE. The future Cyclone was named to the Parade All-American team.

JUST MISSED. Troy Davis makes Ubben's "just missed" list of greatest Big 12 players. He is the only Cyclone.

MOORE. The suburb of Oklahoma City was hit by a tornado yesterday. The aerial shot is unbelievable.

SMALL BIT OF HAPPINESS. This old lady found her dog in the rubble while on air doing an interview.

LET'S GET WEIRD WITH SMALL BOWLS. What if we made more interesting matchups for the smaller college football bowls?

NEVERMIND. Juan Anderson was going to transfer from Marquette, then changed his mind.

HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS MIKE GUNDY. Barking Carnival takes Oklahoma State to task for all the transfer restrictions they've placed on Wes Lunt. Interestingly enough, even though Todd Monken's new school is on the blocked list, he says he actually told Lunt to go back to OSU, a la Juan Anderson.

JIMBO FISHER'S QUANTUM PLAYBOOK. Since E.J. Manuel declared the Bills' playbook is actually simpler than the one he ran for Fisher at FSU, EDSBS totally had the real JaMarcus Russell comment on Jimbo's playbook.

LOST MONEY ON BEER SALES? Jebus, University at Minnesota, you're bad at stuff.