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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/22/13

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LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL. Abdel Nader is officially a Cyclone.

CYCLONE FEUD DAY FOUR. Video is now up on

PAUL RHOADS LOVES IOWA WESTERN. Coach Rhoads doesn't mince words about his interest in Iowa Western CC players.

BECOMING TRADITION? Bobby La Gesse talks about how the Tailgate Tour is becoming a Cyclone tradition.


ESPN LAYOFFS. Somehow, while Skip Bayless is still employed, 400 ESPN employees were laid off to maintain profits.

SERGIO GARCIA, ACCIDENTAL RACIST. The feud between Sergio and Tiger Woods is heating up.

THE UNKIND SPIN. The worst way to lose a game for this goalkeeper.

THE 100 MILLION DOLLAR (SUICIDAL) MAN. Mario Williams' battle over an engagement is getting bad enough he had to hold a press conference to tell everyone he wasn't suicidal.

INTO DARKNESS, REVIEWED. NFL rookies review the new Star Trek film for you.

BUT PAWWWWLLLL. ESPN might be spending that layoff money on Paul Finebaum.