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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/23/13

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NO MORE BLACK FRIDAY? Iowa State's official schedule has dropped the "or" from the West Virginia game, only leaving the Saturday date.

CYCLONE FEUD DAY FIVE. The fifth round is up on

RHOADS LOVES JACQUES WASHINGTON. The senior safety is getting some cred from Paul Rhoads, despite "not being a gifted athlete".

END OF AN ERA. The brilliant Iowa State career of Betsy Saina is coming to an end.

MORE PROPS FOR CJL. Jamie Pollard says Christy Johnson-Lynch doesn't get enough attention because of her quiet intensity.

GOING WEST. 24 Cyclone track athletes are going to the NCAA West Regionals.

SOMETHING SOMETHING UNDERRATED BLAH. David Ubben addresses the possibility that he is underrated the Cyclones.

HOW DO YOU STOP BAYLOR? How do you stop an offense that experienced only minimal setback after RG3's departure?

NOT FAIR, NOT EQUITABLE. The SEC's 9 game conference schedule is kind of a sham, writes Matt Hayes.

WAY TO GO EA SPORTS. Pretty hard to deny the use of player likenesses when your game used Tebow's name before he graduated.

NO MEANS NO, JOSE. Jose Canseco is defending himself on Twitter about a rape that he hasn't even been charged with yet.

FRANK VOGEL IS GETTING CRUCIFIED. The Pacers coach took Roy Hibbert out not once, but twice, to allow LeBron to drive to the hoop for game winning layups.