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The Mid-Morning Dump: 5/24/13

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FAMILY FEUD DAY SIX. Another day, another round of coaches ripping on each other.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS? Three reasons for Iowa State fans to be bullish about this season.

GOOD TIMES. The state of ISU athletics is about the best it's been since the early 2000s.

A.J. SIGNS. AK47 has officially signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers.

CFB TWITTER DIRECTORY. Want to know who to follow around the Big 12?

JAMAAL CHARLES WANTS TO BE A PUNTER. Who wouldn't want the naps?

BEST EVAR. Mike Krzyzewski says the new ACC will be the best conference ever.

FUCK YOU, TORTS. Rangers coach John Tortorella is known for being kind of a dick, so this linesman gave it right back to him.

FREE BURGERS FOR A HERO. Charles Ramsey is getting free burgers for life at a bunch of Cleveland area restaurants. In related news, Charles Ramsey will die of heart disease in the next year.

THOSE CUTBACKS ARE REALLY GETTING TO ESPN. First, they think the Achilles tendon is in the knee, then they give Anquan Boldin credit for playing for 48 straight years.

PANTS OFF DANCE OFF RED CARD. Taking your shorts off to celebrate a goal is a red card offense.