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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/28/13

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MORENO AND MEEKS ALL-AMERICANS. Jon Meeks and Michael Moreno both earned the AA recognition at the ASICS University Nationals.

ALL ABOUT JADDA. Uncommon drive and commitment has fueled future Cyclone Jada Buckley to success.

EVERETT GOLSON GONE. Notre Dame's title game QB is gone from the team at least for 2013 after getting into some academic violations.

HOMER STANDINGS. The homer projections for all college football teams. Iowa State checks in at a modest 9-3, while Iowa gets "send beers".

F/+ING THE BIG 12. Bill Connelly's ratings system goes to the Big 12.

MORE RUTGERS SCANDAL. After Rutgers decided to stand behind new AD Julie Hermann while abuse allegations against her while she was a volleyball coach are coming to light, Steve Politi takes the school to task on its lack of consistency.

ELSEWHERE IN ABUSE TODAY... UW Green Bay coach Brian Wardle is keeping his job after abuse claims of his own.

TMAC FINALLY MAKES THE NBA FINALS. After years of being a superstar and never getting anywhere in the playoffs, Tracy McGrady is going to the Finals with the Spurs as a bench player. That 13 points in 33 seconds video will always be amazing.

THE HEAT IN THE NBA. Jon Bois created all the Heat players and put them on the Rangers in NHL 13. The results were not pretty.

THIS IS A REAL HEADLINE. Keyshawn Johnson ratted out Justin Bieber for reckless driving.

THE DISSECTION OF NATIONAL ANTHEM SCREWUPS. What part is the most often screwed up?

DON'T MIND ME... Just puking in the bed of a moving pickup truck.