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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/29/13

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SOCIAL MEDIA BLUES. Paul Rhoads talks about his social media policy and that despite the fact he's not a social media guy himself, he has only banned one player from Twitter.

PROMOTION FOR HENRY. Charlie Henry has been promoted from video editing GA to Director of Player Development.

MORE FLOODING? Iowa State is getting ready to be ravaged by another flood after the torrential downpour last weekend.

CHIP BROWN GONNA CHIP BROWN. The highly accurate conference realignment prognosticator is trying his hand at 2013 Big 12 football predictions, and he's not a fan of ISU, which probably means we'll be in the National Championship.

100 TACKLE DEFENDERS. Jeremiah George makes Ubben's list of likely triple digit tacklers in the league this year.

OPENLY GAY PLAYER JUST ONE OF THE GUYS. A Mormon, openly gay basketball player at a Catholic school in the middle of Kansas seems like a bad mix, but he's fitting in just fine.

OH RUTGERS... New AD Julie Hermann is starting to get past the abuse allegation, but apparently she was also part of a sexual discrimination lawsuit while at Louisville. Dana O'Neil writes that Rutgers is back to being a punchline.

HYPERBOLIZE MUCH, SATAN? Nick Saban is calling out Ohio State for their hypothetical record against the top SEC teams, but even Alabama isn't playing all of them.

SO OTHER THAN THAT REFFING, There was a pretty good game in Indiana last night, headlined by LeBron's block of George Hill.

BOOBS ARE BACK!The blonde pornstar with the giant boobs that showed up to Kings games last year is back! And right in time for LA to take Game 7.