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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/30/13

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KISS MY GRASS. Jack Trice was voted the 2012 college football field of the year.

HOPE AND CONCERN. Iowa State's biggest hope and concern are closely tied, and that may be trouble.

70K WELL SPENT. Rutgers somehow paid $70,000 for a background check on their AD hire Julie Hermann.

KANSAS PROBLEMS. The solution to the Jayhawks' pass rush problems might never even make it to campus after being arrested.

NO EXPANSION. The Big 12 won't be expanding, according to Oliver Luck.

THE CAPTAIN AMERICA CONFERENCE. The American Athletic Conference revealed its logo, and it looks Marvel inspired.

HACKED... FOR FIVE DAYS? Lots of accounts get Twitter hacked, but how many stay that way for longer than a few hours?

FLOP OFF FINES. NBA judges couldn't determine whether David West or LeBron James flopped more, so they fined both $5,000.

A CAREER IN THE CLOSET. Kwame Harris opens up about his six year NFL career that he spent hiding.

SUPER BEARS. This bear gets hit by a car in Russia (where else?) and gets up like nothing happened.

WORST CALL EVER? The goal that could have won the game in regulation for Chicago was waved off for unfathomable offsetting penalties 50 feet away.