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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/31/13

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HAPPY COACHES. Paul Rhoads' staff has had a lot of continuity, which has brought success.

PLENTY TO PROVE. Sam Richardson has a lot to prove this season based on his past inconsistency.

A.J. COULD HAVE BEEN A COWBOY. It looks like with one little change in the draft, A.J. Klein could have been in Dallas, as the leaked 2013 Cowboys draft board shows.

GORDON GEE, HATER EXTRAORDINAIRE. The Ohio State president is a fan of ripping on just about everybody in college athletics.

CIGAR BOWL, WE HARDLY KNEW YE. Looking at the defunct bowls that we wish were back.

BUYOUT CITY. What could Iowa buy with Kirk Ferentz's buyout money?

SIX MOVIES OF TERRIBLE. Jeb Lund sat down to watch all six Fast and Furious movies in a row. The movies are so horrible, and yet I keep going.

BIRDMAN GETS ANGRY. Chris Anderson gets angry at Tyler Hansbrough and shoves him in a manner that would be normal in hockey and apparently suspend-able in the NBA.

LEBRON HAS FOUR ARMS. Well, that would explain his dominance last night.