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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/6/13

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DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Rashad Vaughn has a lot of schools to choose from, but ISU is definitely in the mix.

COMMIT #2. The second commitment in Iowa State's 2014 football class is Dallas, Texas CB De'Monte Ruth. Ruth picked the Cyclones without ever having visited, just based on the advice of a buddy.

WOODY GETS MARRIED. A Jack Trice love story for Jeff Woody, who got married to his high school sweetheart this weekend.

ANOTHER FRED TARGET. Fred Hoiberg is mining Minnesota again, this time looking into 2016 target Amir Coffey.

CATCHING UP WITH REID TRAVIS AND JARVIS JOHNSON. Dreamy is still on the trail for the 2014 recruits, who both like Iowa State.

CHANGES ABOUND. Everybody in the state except Iowa will be adapting to new look basketball teams in the fall.

ANOTHER WIN FOR SAINA. Betsy took home her 8th Big 12 title as the Iowa State women finished fourth.

MACK BROWN GIVES OUT RINGS. More anger in Austin as Mack Brown decided to mint rings for an Alamo Bowl victory.

HALFWAY THERE! We've reached the halfway point of the college football offseason!

JUSTIN EDWARDS COMMITS. The Maine transfer who visited Iowa State decided on Kansas State on Saturday.

MCLEMORE PROBLEMS. A former AAU coach admits he took money from an agent to steer Ben McLemore his way.

LEBRON WINS MVP. James winning his fourth MVP is no surprise, but the fact that Carmelo got a first place vote or that David Lee or Joakim Noah got fifth place votes is... something.

MUCHO PENALTIES! 147 penalty minutes for one giant fight between the Senators and Canadiens seems like a good time. Even the coaches were bitchy with each other afterwards.

IN SAUDI ARABIA, SPORTS PLAY GIRLS! Saudi Arabia is finally letting girls in private schools play sports.