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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/7/13

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CYCLONE FEUD. ISU Athletics is doing this again, so they need your help filling out a survey. If any of the coaches don't get Hickory Park on the first question, they should be fired immediately.

NO MORE TINY PEOPLE. Paul Rhoads is declaring war on the Jeremy Reeves' of the world, targeting taller corners in the 2014 class.

MONTE MORRIS, EVERYONE. Nice little bounce alley-oop pass here from the future Cyclone.

BACK IN MY DAY... We had some rioting, but now there's a man who "may be carrying a large branch" on the loose in Ames.

HEY, WE'RE EIGHTH! Chuck Carlton previews the Big 12 and picks TCU to win it, but has ISU ahead of WVU and KU.

SUCH A GREAT TEAMMATE. Texas pitcher Corey Knebel was suspended for providing urine for a teammate's drug test.

BIG 12'S GREATEST. Tavon Austin starts the countdown of the greatest Big 12 players ever at #10, and Roy Williams (the safety) checks in at #9.

"A TRACK RECORD IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE." A historical look at the Big 12 and SEC divisions and why the Big Ten's new divisional power balance will likely change over time.

TURNING A THIRD ROUND PICK INTO A FIRST ROUNDER. How agent Andy Ross got Syracuse's Justin Pugh selected in the first round.

HEY REF, CHECK THESE OUT! I don't know that this is going to help your team get a call, but we all appreciate the effort.

CHANGE TO DELIVERY PLEASE. What a great reason for changing your pizza order.

CHARLES RAMSEY, AMERICAN HERO. The man who saved the kidnapped girls in Cleveland is a great interview.