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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/8/13

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THE MAYOR'S NEW CONTRACT. Hoiberg would have to pay a 2 million dollar buyout to leave for another college, but just $500,000 for the NBA.

THE UW VIEW. Here's UW Dawg Pound's article on the announcement of T.J. Otzelberger's hiring.

ARE THE TWO RELATED? Randy Peterson seems to think Hoiberg's new contract meant that Otzelberger had to leave... which... OK?

POSSIBLE REPLACEMENTS. Chris Williams theorizes on four candidates to replace Otz.

CLAYTON CUSTER STILL LOVES FRED. "But I committed to play for Coach (Fred) Hoiberg. That is who I am going to be playing for and that is who I am excited to be playing for. Nothing has changed. I am close with the whole coaching staff and the players so it didn’t change my decision at all."

NO MORE IOWA-UNI? The Iowa State - Iowa series is seemingly safe, but not the Hawkeyes' series with Northern Iowa.

STOOPS GETS ANGRY. Bob Stoops is not a fan of media serving on a playoff committee.

2013 TAROT READINGS. What Tarot cards have in store for some college football personalities.

FINAL FOUR ON TBS. Only the National Championship game will be on CBS beginning in 2014.

DAMON BULLOCK, YOU'RE ALRIGHT. The Iowa running back has a great Vine account, so we'll be a little sad when AIRBHG inevitably gets him. The "How To Get White Girls" video is especially hilarious.

COLLEGE FINANCIALS DATABASE. USA Today has a database of college financials, but use the numbers with caution.

DUI PROUD. A woman celebrating the end of her previous license suspension for DUI got another DUI.

HOW ARE HELMETS TESTED? We finally find out the device that's used for concussion testing in helmets.

TITUS YOUNG IS DUMB. The former Lions receiver got his car impounded, then was arrested trying to steal it.