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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/9/13

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TYRUS ARRESTED. Details started trickling out slowly yesterday, but Tyrus McGee was arrested because he took 220 bucks from an unattended wallet in a food court. Obviously Tyrus is in the wrong here, but who the hell leaves their wallet unattended in the middle of a food court?

CHATTING WITH FENNELLY. Chris Williams sits down for a talk with women's basketball coach Bill Fennelly.

PALM LIKES US? Jerry Palm's pre-pre-season bowl projections have Iowa State returning to the Big Apple.

RHOADS HATES ALZHEIMERS. Coach Rhoads made a speech about fighting Alzheimers yesterday.

EA USES COLLEGE PLAYER LIKENESSES. NO WAY! But yeah, this is news because one of their producers actually admitted it under oath.

JASON WHITE #8. Ubben's countdown of the greatest Big 12 players ever is at Jason White, who seemingly played about 19 years at OU.

BIELEMA IS HOMELESS. Patrick Vint concludes that no man really could have four islands in his kitchen, so Bret Bielema must be living in a Lowe's store.

BOISE'S BACK? After a "down" 2012 season, Boise State is on the rise again.

EFF YOU NOAH! This Miami lady is not a fan of Joakim Noah.

BEAR WINS RACE, EATS MONKEY. Bear vs. monkey bike races are a thing in China.

IF YOU CAN'T WIN, GET RACIST (AND HOMOPHOBIC)! Columbia football, a true disgrace.

J.R. GODDAMMIT! Mike Woodson was pissed at J.R. Smith, to say the least. I have to imagine Fred Hoiberg was silently thinking this just about every time Jordan Railey was on the court.

ANOTHER TITUS YOUNG TALE! Napping in AT&T stores and demanding everything for free is so Titus-y.