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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/10/13

A NEW LEADER. Following the departures of AJ Klein and Jake Knott, Jeremiah George is assuming the mantle of defensive leader.

VEGAS STILL DOESN'T LOVE US. Odds have been released for 7 Iowa State games, and we're favored in exactly one: at home against Iowa.

WE LOVE TREADMILLS. Iowa State is the only pro or college team in the country to emphasize the use of the treadmill in workouts.

TWO MORE COMMITS. Iowa State picked up two more 2014 commits on Friday afternoon in TE Scott Shaffner and OL Kody Kodanko.

NOTHING SERIOUS. Iowa State will likely not have an in-person meeting with the infractions committee about their recruiting violations, which suggests the penalties will not be that severe.

ALAMO BOWL IS THE NEW COTTON? The Alamo Bowl has always been a Big 12 bowl, but it's now way up on the conference ladder.

RECRUITING FANATICS. Pistols Firing takes a look at the 16 best types of recruiting fanatics.

ENEMIES LIST. Every Day Should Be Saturday decides on their annual enemies list.

LEBRON. Every time you think he can't come up with a more insane block, he does. Tiago Splitter was last night's victim.

MEAN TWEETS PART DEUX. NBA players read tweets about themselves. DeAndre Jordan wins this round.

THEM KIDS CAN JUMP. The U16 dunk contest is basically a bunch of grown men dunking.