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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/11/13

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MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. I would have voted for Tyler Ellerman, but Scott Fernandez won Iowa State's male athlete of the year.

FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. It's not Betsy Saina! Oh wait, it totally is.

BIG 12 IS AWESOME! The Big 12 sports the most championships per program in the nation.

MISSISSIPPI STATE CASE GOOD FOR THE CYCLONES? An authority on NCAA matters says that the sanctions levied against the Bulldogs mean Iowa State is (sort of) in the clear.

COLLEGE WORLD SERIES! Joshua Kagavi looks into Iowa State's 1957 College World Series team.

NO REGRETS FOR NEWCOMERS. Despite some growing pains, TCU and WVU are enjoying life in the Big 12.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL LINGO. The guide to all the abbreviations you need to know.

CHAD GOES TO JAIL. Chad Johnson is going to jail because he gave his attorney an ass slap.

TEBOW IN FOXBORO. Tim Tebow was signed by the Patriots, and Drew Magary is not happy.

RUNNIN THROUGH THE OKRA PATCH. Fred Smoot has yet another metaphor for going down on women.

HE REALLY WANTED THAT BALL. Just diving head first into a bush for a baseball.