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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/12/13

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WHAT'S UP, DOC? Doc Sadler gets interviewed by John Walters, and his hair is as crazy as ever.

LAZARD HATES RUDY. Allen Lazard had good things to say about his visit to Notre Dame, but he's still a solid Cyclone commit.

INTENSE OFFSEASON. Peter Berkes checks out what workout routines Iowa State is implementing other than the extreme treadmills.

KIND OF SKETCHY... Iowa State boasts one of the worst APRs of BCS football programs. We'll have an article soon about what kind of shape the Cyclones are in going forward.

LETTERS OF INTENT ARE TERRIBLE. Rob Dauster goes on about why the letter of intent is awful, because it leads to situations like Richard Amardi's. To his credit, Amardi is handling it about the best he possibly could.

MEANWHILE... Linebacker Matthew Thomas wants to be let out of his letter of intent to Florida State, in a total role reversal of the Amardi situation.

RANKING THE BIG 12 NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULES. Iowa State is scored as the fourth most difficult non-conference schedule in 2013, while Baylor and K State's are just embarrassing.

CAN I GO TO MY FOOTBALL GAME, MISTER PAROLE OFFICER? Casey Pachall needs permission to go on TCU road games in 2013.

ALL ABOUT KU. Bill Connelly starts his previews of the Big 12, and Kansas is up first.

F/+ TO NCAA RATINGS. Jason Kirk compares the two rankings systems.

NON BCS BOWL IN DUBAI? The non BCS conference teams are talking about having a bowl matchup in a variety of places, including Dubai!

WHAT THE SHIT, SOCCER, Javier Mascherano was being carted off with an injury, but when he was splashed with water, that injury healed itself quickly enough for him to kick the cart driver.

FASTBALL TO THE FACE. Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig is making headlines for his home runs, but taking a fastball in the face without even going down is the most impressive feat to me.