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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/13/13

YANCY! Cyclone Fanatic catches up with strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight.

BIG 12 LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. Iowa State athletes are in Texas (of course) participating in the conference leadership summit.

LACK OF EXPERIENCE. According to Phil Steele's numbers, Iowa State has the second least experienced team coming back in 2013.

MORE THAN JUST BASKETBALL FOR HALLIE. Hallie Christofferson is adding an internship to her busy basketball summer.

WVU IN THE ACC? Fresh off Andy Staples' declaration that the Big 12 would have been better off taking Louisville, BC Interruption looks at what WVU in the ACC would have been like.

COMING HOME. Donnavan Kirk is transferring back to Miami after transferring to DePaul two years prior. Is this a new trend in college basketball?

NO MORE DOMES BEFORE FINAL FOUR. I would think the stop of pre-Final Four dome venues would mean a greater chance for Des Moines and Wells Fargo Arena to get a bid.

TIE GAMES. The horrors of college football's greatest (worst?) seasons filled with ties.

MY NAME ISN'T HOOTIE. Deconstructing Hootie and the Blowfish's video for 'Only Wanna Be With You".

SACK THE SCHWAB. ESPN is having another round of layoffs, and the Schwab is one of the victims.

ALL HAIL SUPREME PUCK LEADER. A week with the North Korean national hockey team.