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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/14/13

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INSIDE ISU BASKETBALL. Cyclones.TV uses the offseason to take an in-depth look at the Dreamiest program in the country.

A FAMILY AFFAIR. How do Wally and Shane Burnham balance family and football?

NCAA 14 PLAYER RATINGS. We bashed on the team rankings earlier, and here's the player ratings (at least the top 10 for each school). Iowa State's roster features 3 HBs leading the charge, and Jevohn Miller somehow being rated above Jeremiah George.

GOING ONE ON ONE WITH ATHLON. Chris Williams talks to Athlon magazine about what they think of Iowa State's football team this year.

IOWA STATE DID WRONG BY AMARDI. Bobby La Gesse takes the NCAA to task on the rules that allowed the Amardi fiasco to go down.

COMPARING BOWL TIE-INS. Berry Tramel compares the old Big 12 bowl lineup vs. the new one.

SCRAPPY VIOLATION. Wes Welker may have committed a secondary violation on behalf of Texas Tech.

NFL ROOKIES INTERVIEW EACH OTHER. Because where else can you see Denard Robinson give Eddie Lacy tips on cold weather skin care?

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO TENNESSEE. Nick Saban talks in the middle of Vol country.

FLOPTACULAR. Big news in the world of flopping yesterday, as Greg Paulus was officially promoted to an assistant at Ohio State, while Chris Bosh tries to one-up a Ginobili-Battier flop off.

COUGARLIFE LOVES DAVID WRIGHT. The Mets almost partnered with Cougarlife to get David Wright into the All-Star game.

ZLATAN: PROFESSIONAL JERK. Demonstrating the art of throwing a ball in your opponent's face without being penalized.

BUTTHOLE JESUS. I guess I don't stare at my dog's butt enough to think of any resemblances, but to each their own.