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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/17/13

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PAUL MYERBERG PREVIEW. Pre-Snap Read guy turned USA Today columnist dissects Iowa State's team in 2013.

KIRBY ALMOST TO THE TOP. Kirby Van Der Kamp is #2 on the Iowa State punting average charts, and he's making his way to the top.

RHOADS HARLEY. A bearded Rhoads took his Harley on the road on a ride for Alzheimers awareness.

SDW INTERVIEW. After breaking the CCL scoring record, Sherron Dorsey-Walker reflects with Cyclone Fanatic.

KLASSY KANE. DeAndre Kane may not have left Marshall on the best of terms, but he's hoping to leave a better impression by writing an open letter to the community.

JACK TRICE #6! Athlon ranked all the Big 12 stadiums, and JTS finishes in 6th.

IHMELS RUNNING AWAY. Iowa State's track and field coach is leaving Iowa State for Boise State for some reason or other.

MORE TROUBLE IN FORT WORTH. Cornerback David Jenkins was dismissed from the team after burglary charges.

TERRIFIC, MR. PORTER. The man behind Pistols Firing blog adds some trollhumor (and Clint Chelf) to the race between OSU's Justin Gilbert and Rashaad Samples.

GREEN BLOCKS LEBRON For once, LeBron was at the other end of a big block.

MISS SOUTH CAROLINA REDUX. Miss Utah might have given a worse answer than Miss South Carolina did with her 10,000 "such as" answer.

JAGR'S FAVORITE PLAYER? Himself. When you're that old, I guess you get to say that.

MORHINWEG WINS SO HARD. Deadspin lists the 16 worst NFL coaches to ever graze the sidelines.