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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/19/13

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TALKING TO JP. Chris Williams sits down with Jamie Pollard about a variety of topics.

PAUL RHOADS ALREADY PLANNING FOR CLOCK CHANGES. The NCAA is instituting some new clock management rules for 2013, and Paul Rhoads is adjusting, even if he doesn't like the new rules.

BRET BIELEMA HATES THE SPREAD. He's proposing rules to slow down spread offenses.

DON'T GO CHASIN' WATERFALLS, JUST STICK TO THE (ROLL) TIDES YOU'RE USED TO. Alabama is putting an effing waterfall in its locker room.

EPIC GAME 6. A recap of one of the better games you'll see in NBA Finals history, complete with a Mike Miller shoe flip to George W. Bush. We'll also probably spend the entire day watching sports personalties debate the Chris Bosh foul/no foul at the end of OT.

WE DON'T FOUL OVER HERE. When asked by an Italian journalist why they didn't foul up 3, Gregg Popovich simply said that this isn't Italy, and we don't do that here. Fred is vindicated!

AND THESE GUYS MISSED THE BEST PART. Miami Heat fans gonna be Miami Heat fans, I guess.

BATTLEBOTS! The mothership seriously did a longform on the history of battlebots.

NO BIG DEAL, JUST A BULLET IN MY BRAIN. A Bosnian goalkeeper played 90 minutes with a bullet lodged in his brain.

GIANT SNAKES CAN OPEN DOORS NOW. And... we're officially screwed.

GIF TOURNAMENT 2013! The infamous SB Nation GIF tourney is under way again.