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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/21/13

NBA FACTORY. Iowa State is producing the most amount of NBA talent from its recruits in the Big 12.

BEVINS GONE. Collin Bevins has withdrawn from school. The redshirt freshman was listed as a starter at DT on the spring depth chart.

MONTE GETTING ACCLIMATED. Monte Morris is getting lost going to his classes while he plays in the CCL.

NAZ LONG IMPROVING. Naz Long has made strides in his game, especially with his strength.

BIG 12 FUTURE RANKINGS. Ranking the Big 12 football teams on how the future looks. ISU is at #9.

ED O'BANNON LAWSUIT UPDATE. Patrick Vint compares 126 top NCAA 14 players with their real life counterparts, and also gives us a good rundown on what's going on right now.

NOT LOOKING GOOD, MR. HERNANDEZ. There's an arrest warrant out for Aaron Hernandez, and with him smashing his phone and security system, and getting his house professionally cleaned, it's not looking good.

HEAT WIN! The Miami Heat won their second straight NBA title, and here are the highlights from the finals.

BEST OF POP. It's tough losing an NBA title, but here's a tribute to the best moments of Gregg Popovich's press conferences.

A MOMENT IN THE SUN. Tahiti's national soccer team is enjoying its time at the Confederations Cup. In fact, just yesterday, they were blown out 10-0 by Spain.