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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/24/13

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TALKING QBS WITH THE FORMER QB. Chris Williams and Austen Arnaud talk about the quarterbacks on the roster.

SHERRON'S READY. Sherron Dorsey-Walker sat out 2012-2013 to work on his body, and he's ready to take the floor.

NEW TRACK COACH. Jamie Pollard has hired Martin Smith away from OU to be Iowa State's new track and field/cross country director.

BLATANT HOMERISM PREVIEW. Dan talks to Allen Kenney about Iowa State football in 2013.

SENECA! I'm sure many of you saw this Friday, but "The Run" was featured by's Friday Flashback.

GRANDSTAFF IS A POKE. 2015 Iowa State target Austin Grandstaff has chosen Oklahoma State.

SHELL IS BACK. Rushel Shell said he was transferring from Pittsburgh, but I guess he's not anymore.

BUBBA FLIPS OUT. Golf, best enjoyed when caddies get verbally abused.

FUCK ME, I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING TALK. The best part of this reporter screwup is the anchor's reaction.