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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/25/13

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WE'LL BE YOUR MARTYRS! The NCAA has amended the block charge rule to stop defenders from sliding under offensive players who have already started their upward motion.

CYCLONES.TV SPECIAL. If you're planning on getting Cyclones.TV at all this year, there's an early bird special available right now.

THE CYCLONE WAY. Inside ISU women's basketball, the facility and "The Cyclone Way".

NEW SAFETY COMMIT. Reggan Northrup from Jacksonville, FL, has committed to the Cyclones over North Carolina and Rutgers, which brings the Cyclones to three DBs in this class already.

NOT EXACTLY OPTIMISTIC. Ubben previews ISU's non-conference schedule, and gives the team a 32 percent chance of going 3-0.

IMPACT TRANSFERS. While Tarik Black of KU leads Jeff Goodman's national rankings of impact fifth year transfers, DeAndre Kane makes the top 5.

#8 IN 2014 RECRUITING. An early look at the Big 12's 2014 classes.

WHAT THE SMITH HIRING MEANS. Bobby La Gesse says that while Olympic sports don't get attention, the hiring of Martin Smith from OU is a big deal for Iowa State's athletic department.

NCAA CREDIT RATING TAKES A HIT. Seeing the writing on the wall from the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, Moody's downgrades NCAA's credit outlook.

CHELSEA DAGGER INSPIRED. Chicago won the Stanley Cup last night in one of the best series (and craziest finishes) in recent memory, so the fans went crazy. Some fans even started tonguing randomly. Andrew Shaw is just so happy he can't stop dropping the F bomb (and bleeding all over the Cup)

PATRICE BERGERON, RESIDENT BADASS. His coach said he had a "body injury", which turned out to be more accurate than we all thought.