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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/26/13

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CFN PREVIEW.'s preview of Iowa State football.

RUNNING BACKS. Chris Williams and Austen Arnaud move on to running backs on the Iowa State roster.\

HUGGINS LOVES KANE. Bob Huggins is raving about the talents of DeAndre Kane.

PATIENCE IS KEY. Graduated Iowa State players will be waiting patiently to have their names called in the NBA draft.

ROGERS MOTIVATED BY FAMILY. Charlie Rogers' cousin was shot in 2010, and Rogers is using that as motivation every day.

SCHOLAR-ATHLETE. Max Mayfield has won the Big 12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year award in wrestling. He has two degrees already.

WIN TOTAL BETTING LINES. Lines for just about every team. Iowa State is right at a predictable 5.5.

OREGON GETS OFF LIGHTLY. Chip Kelly gets a show-cause, but Oregon avoids a postseason ban for their NCAA violations. Here's a good point:

YOU'RE GAY COACH? THAT'S COOL. A high school basketball coach came out to his players, and they really didn't care either way.

HERNANDEZ ARRESTED. Well, he might be doing some time soon. The Patriots wasted no time releasing him.

WORST MEDIA IN SPORTS? Ilya Bryzgalov was bought out by the Flyers yesterday, and Philly writers are going about it unprofessionally, to say the least.

NEVER CHANGE, KANER. The Patrick Kane offseason partyfest is on!

I WOULD EXPECT NOTHING LESS. Chris Berman spoke at a high school graduation, and he was terrible.