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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/27/13

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TOMMY MISTER COMMITS. The 3 star RB out of Chicago will be attending Iowa State in the fall.

LAZARD IS QUITE INFLUENTIAL. Allen Lazard was pretty much THE reason Mister decided to change his mind on Michigan State.

WILL'S NOT WATCHING TONIGHT. Will Clyburn will be at his brother's game instead of watching to see if he gets selected.

WOODY! Jeff Woody makes the CBS Sports list of unheralded players.

TOP 50 IN DIRECTOR'S CUP. Iowa State is coming in #41 in the Director's Cup standings.

ROGERS TAKE 2. Apparently inspired by the Register's article, talks to Charlie Rogers as well.

BIG 12 UPS AND DOWNS. After what looked to be a down season for Big 12 basketball, things are suddenly looking up.

MOCK DRAFTING WITH BLUM. Brent Blum previews tonight's NBA draft.

BVDV FIRED. Totally shocking, y'all.

OF COURSE FGCU WANTS HIM. White kid with hops is like the stereotype there.

WHAT SUMLIN SAYS GOES. After Johnny Manziel was suspended, Kevin Sumlin helped get him reinstated.

WHAT A WASTE. Dan Wetzel writes about the wasted promise that was Aaron Hernandez. Here's the moment Hernandez knew he was screwed.

BUT HEY, AT LEAST TEBOW IS MOVING UP THE DEPTH CHART! Way to go, asshole from the Orlando Sentinel.

NO JOCKEY, NO PROBLEM. This horse obviously won because it wasn't carrying that hundred pound man on its back.