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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/3/13

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TORNADO GAME TORNADO GAME! The 2005 classic against Colorado is featured in's Friday Flashback.

HELPING HANDS. Randy Peterson talks about how DeAndre Kane and Doc Sadler can help Fred Hoiberg.

MOST INDISPENSABLE. Jacques Washington is ISU's most indispensable player.

BIG MONEY. The Big 12 is making it rain $$$ on all its schools.

HOW NOT TO SELECT PLAYOFF TEAMS. Looking at the wrong way to select teams for the college football playoff.

TONGUE TWATTED. Tongue tied about saying tongue tied?

NO HOMO. Roy Hibbert got in trouble for dropping some curses and supposedly a gay slur in "no homo".

CHEAP CROMARTIE. Apparently learning from his free spending ways, Antonio Cromartie is now all about saving money.

TERRIBLE OWN GOAL. The US National team actually beat an undermanned German side this weekend, which had a lot to do with this.