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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/4/13

KIRBY GETS PROPS. Kirby Van Der Kamp is Athlon's second team All-American punter.

SOMETHING SOMETHING IOWA SAVED IOWA STATE. BHGP evaluates Gordon Gee's claim that there was tremendous pressure for the Big Ten to add Iowa State.

TRANSFER DEBATE IS OVER. Bobby La Gesse writes that the transfer debate has ended the same way the "can freshman lead a title team" argument did. With a clear answer.

EJIM TRAINING WITH OTHER CANUCKS. After training with team Nigeria last summer, Melvin Ejim is taking advantage of his dual citizenship and training with Canada's World University Games team this summer.

KANSAS FOOTBALL IS RISING. Not so much on the field, but off the field, they're rising in the Fulmer Cup rankings.

BOUNCIN' AROUND. If you have some time, this is a great (albeit long) read on former Iowa State assistant Elwyn McElroy.

CHROME FACEMASKS YO. IIndiana is busting out 5 new helmets, and one is about as chromed out as you can possibly get.

BIEBER FEVER. Even the staunchest Bieber supporter probably can't defend what the hell he was rocking at Game 7 of Pacers-Heat.

WHAT IF YOUR NFL TEAM SPONSORED A BOWL? It's the offseason, so let's read more articles like this.

KAZAAM WILL HAUNT SHAQ FOREVER. Charles Barkley goes for the low blow insult on Shaq.

WHEN YOU GOTTA GO, YOU GOTTA GO. A rugby player from New Zealand relieved himself on the field during play.

TROLLING DWIGHT HOWARD. Dwight sort of lost a free throw shooting contest to a columnist's daughter.