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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/5/13

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FIRST FOUR GAME SCHEDULE RELEASED. If you missed it yesterday, the Cyclones have released kickoff times for their first four games, highlighted by the Cy-Hawk game at 5 PM, which will likely result in broken livers and public intoxs en masse.

FRED! FRED! FRED! The Mayor is just as dreamy on the golf course.

IOWA STATE IN THE LEAD FOR JONES. Jeff Jones, a Rivals 4 star RB, is said to be leaning towards ISU.

CAN THE CLONES AND HAWKS MAKE A BOWL? Randy Peterson and Andrew Logue take a look.

MORE LHN TERRORS. Ole Miss gets the shaft with a game on LHN, so illegal internet streaming in Texas and Mississippi will likely skyrocket that day.

GORDON GEE RETIRES. After all his embarrassing comments, Ohio State President Gordon Gee is retiring.

ROLL TOILET. Elijah Hood is a Notre Dame commit sick of getting letters from Bama, so he did the logical thing and flushed the letters down the toilet.

NO PROM, HERE'S A PARTY BUS INSTEAD. Houston's Chandler Parsons couldn't take a girl to prom, so he sent a giant party bus for her instead.

BEER RIOT. 10 cent beers and poorly concieved limits led to the Beer Night Riot of 1974.

DENALI. Pretty good longform read on the obsession people have with climbing Denali.

SEX TOY THIEF. Nothing to do with sports in the least, but it's a hilarious story anyway (SFW).

MEGA SUSPENSIONS. Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez are among the players (Bartolo Colon is still in the league?) named by Biogenesis for taking PEDs. MLB is obviously less than enthused.