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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/6/13

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SAINA WINS AGAIN. This is getting pretty old, but Betsy Saina won another NCAA title, her third in the 10,000 meter.

MAKING LEMONADE. When UNO shut down its football program, Justin Coleman was blindsided. He's made the best out of the situation as a walkon for Iowa State.

EQUESTRIAN? Iowa State will have 20 million in conference revenue to spend, and Randy Peterson thinks equestrian might be an option. Then again, when your quote is from BVDV, maybe there's nothing to it.

VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE. Iowa State released their 2013 schedule.

STOOPS DEFENDS GUNDY. Oklahoma state solidarity as Bob Stoops defends Mike Gundy's transfer limitations on Wes Lunt.

ART BRILES, SO TEXAN. Spencer Hall got to find out just how Friday Night Lights Art Briles really is.

8 TEAM PLAYOFF? Is the four team playoff model just a placeholder for an eventual 8 teamer?

DEVONTA POLLARD CHARGED. The best basketball recruit in Alabama's recent history was charged with kidnapping yesterday.

BASEBALL PLAYERS ARE WEIRD. Prank wars go far enough that people shit in each others' gloves.

GOL WIND! An extremely strong wind scored a goal.

JUST A BROKEN LEG, NO BIG DEAL. Boston's Gregory Campbell stayed in the play after breaking his leg blocking a slapshot.