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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/7/13

NEW COMMIT. Another running back signed in Houston area's Martinez Syria.

CCL DRAFT COMPLETE. The YMCA Capital City League drafted players last night, and all that matters is that we're all going for Capital Orthopaedics because they have Tyler Ellerman

ALL AMERICAN. Scott Fernandez was named an NCAA second team All-American. He's also headed to the prestigious Palmer Cup.

SAINA TALKS ABOUT WIN #3. Betsy Saina stopped to talk about her third NCAA Championship.

KEVIN SUMLIN IS NOT A GAMER. The Aggie coach gave up video gaming when his kids started beating him.

MISSISSIPPI STATE GETTING HIT BY NCAA? The NCAA will announce discipline for the Bulldogs today, and it's not looking good.

STOOPS IS EMOTIONAL. Bob Stoops hates an awful lot of things right now.

HATE HATE HATE. A 5 star recruit who turned down Urban Meyer for Miami said the Ohio State coach looked like "a baby about to cry".

STEVE PHILLIPS IS A CREEP. Just a creepy, creepy story about Steve Phillips harassing and pretty much raping an ESPN staffer.

DOWN GOES BOLT! Usain Bolt lost a race for the first time since 2011.