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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/1/13

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HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Sherron Dorsey-Walker is benefiting from the hours of gym time he's put in.

NEW TO THE SPORT. Cyclone newcomer Daniel Edozie is still learning the sport after picking basketball up when he was 12.

MICHIGAN PIPELINE. Iowa State is raking in the recruits from Michigan.

GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. Ben Durbin was only a Cyclone for a year, but he hosted 135 campers at the Cardinal and Gold football camp.

GROUPTHINK IS BETTER. Iowa State football changed the way they evaluate recruits, and it's helped.

ACC DAY. Boat cruise for all the mascots who are joining the ACC today.

DOG ALMOST CAUSES CRASH. Tour De France riders almost wrecked due to a small white dog.

IN SOVIET RUSSIA, HOMELESS MAN'S HEAD IS BALL. We've all gotten drunk and done stupid stuff before, but this is horrific.