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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/11/13

THE FLOOD OF 93. Reflecting on the floods of 1993, 20 years later.

ROYCE MEETS THE MEDIA. Royce White was back in town to play in the CCL, and he spoke to the media afterwards.

TIGHTEST ENDS EVER. More positions breakdowns over at CycloneFanatic. Today they focus on the tight ends.

THAT BOY CAN CATCH. Just watch this highlight of Allen Lazard and then watch it again, and again, and again.

A-C-C! A-C-C! A-C-C! One Florida State player had the wrong conference engraved on his ACC Championship ring. You just know when Iowa State finally wins the Big XII that someone will have a ring that says "Iowa State Hawkeyes".

GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA...OUUUUUUCHHHHH. Stick to soccer buddy, not gymnastics.

THERE ARE NO WORDS. I don't even want to try to describe this, but it's essentially a bunch of dudes broing out over My Little Ponies. Just watch it for yourself.

SPACE NERDERY. Hopefully some of you are just as big of nerds as I am and will appreciate this article about NASA and some of the more popular misconceptions about the agency. I'll push my glasses back up my nose and go back to my corner now.