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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/22/13

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NEW DEPTH CHART. Pre-camp depth chart is out now. Most notable is probably that redshirt freshman Charlie Rogers is poised to start at LCB.

KEEPING UP WITH THE BIG 12. How does Iowa State compete in the Big 12 with a small athletic budget? Here's an interactive graphic showing the gap.

WALLY JUST WON'T RETIRE. Most of his peers have retired, but Wally Burnham just can't give up coaching.

BIG 12 MEDIA DAYS. Big 12 media days is starting today, and here's a preview. Chris Williams also has five burning questions.

GODDAMMIT WVU. Next time you commit a robbery, maybe don't wear your team issued sweatpants?

UNC'S IN TROUBLE. That academic scandal of theirs is looking worse and worse.

"MORRISON'S DEFENSE WAS THE DOG BARKED FIRST". Not a typo: Florida LB Antonio Morrison was arrested for barking at a police dog.

BIEBER PROOFING THE LOGO. After Justin Bieber stomped all over the Blackhawks logo, the Bruins decided to rope off their logo.