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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/23/13

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MEET THE NEWCOMERS: OL. The next installment of the Cyclones.TV series focuses on the offensive line.

A PILE OF CRAP. Charlie Weis explains his comment about his team.

CLOWNEY HIT WAS NO GOOD? Mike Pereira mentions that he would have ejected Jadeveon Clowney for his hit on Michigan's Vincent Smith.

BOWLSBY BE HATING. Bob Bowlsby is firing shots at the NCAA.

BIG 12 TALKS ISU. What do various players around the Big 12 think of the Cyclones?

SNYDER AND RHOADS. Bill Snyder reflects on his time and experiences with the Rhoads family.

BREAKING THE QB TREND. This year's crop of Big 12 QBs isn't producing the same hype as usual.

GUNDY IS HAPPY. After a year filled with rumors, Mike Gundy says he's happy in Stillwater.

A POSITIVE STORY! Brady Hoke has actually become friends with the young OSU fan suffering from cancer that he nicknamed "Michigan".

BASEBALL'S ONGOING PED PROBLEM. After trumpeting his innocence and threatening to sue everybody last summer, Ryan Braun is admitting he is on PEDs.