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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/25/13

WINGS OF EGYPTIAN DEATH. Abdel Nader has a giant wingspan, the largest of any player in the Hoiberg era.

HOGUE FINDING HIS SPOT. Dustin Hogue is trying to fit in with the Cyclones as an energy guy after being more of a focal point at Marshalltown CC.

JEREMIAH GEORGE TALKS ABOUT BEING A MONSTER. CFTV caught up with JG52 about a variety of topics, including just how he turned into half man, half beast.

A RETURN TO ARROWHEAD? Paul Rhoads appears to be interested in an annual neutral site matchup to even up the 4/5 home-away split due to Big 12 scheduling. This is probably a bad thing for our wallets and livers.

THANK GOD. Marcus Smart says he'll be entering the NBA draft next year.

MORE ON UP-TEMPO OFFENSES. Spencer Hall weighs in on the up-tempo debate.

DELANY'S REVOLUTION? Jim Delany hints at a breakaway from the NCAA for college football.

HOLY SHIT. FSU's Nick O'Leary was in a pretty scary motorcycle crash, and somehow walked away from it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is close to as bad as the Kevin Ware injury: Tim Hudson breaks his ankle covering first base.

JUST DRAWING DICKS OVER HERE. A reporter drew the greatest accidental dong ever.

FROZEN BEER? Kirin has figured out a way to make frozen beer foam to act as insulation to keep your beer cold.

JJ REDICK DENIES CONTRACT. So, those wild rumors about an abortion contract are false?

HE WAS KINDA ASKING FOR IT. Man puts head inside crocodile's jaw, gets clamped.